Rules & Regulations


Rules and Regulations* may seem ominous at first. There may seem like a lot of rules to remember (and there are in the official documents as well). It’s because of these rules and owners’ respect for them, that the quality of living and owning at Island Pointe is so high. So enjoy yourself, respect the rules and welcome to Island Pointe. Security- We have security guards patrolling the grounds of Island Pointe on busy days and weekends. ANY ISLAND POINTE OWNER, RENTER, OR GUEST CAN CALL 608-432-3189 IF THERE IS A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS ATTENTION.  Each call will have a fee attached on top of the normal charges, so please don’t bother them with trivial items.


ISLAND POINTE HISTORY Island Pointe was originally a Lake Delton resort called “Chappies,” until 1980 when Clarence Chappie sold the property to a developer, who turned the resort into the Island Pointe Condominium Association. The twelve red cabins near the lake are original to Chappie’s Resort. The brown single-family buildings (commonly referred to as “houses”) and the multi-family buildings were built in several phases after 1980. Learn more.GOVERNANCE. Island Pointe is governed by a Board of Directors, elected from among the owners. Each board member serves a three-year term. There are three positions among the board: president, vice-president and secretary. There is also a treasurer who may or may not be a board member. While the board has the authority to make many decisions on behalf of the Association, there are some matters that do require a vote by all ownership. These are spelled out in the Association documents.DUES, ASSESSMENTS AND OTHER ASSOCIATION BILLS. Each unit is billed for their dues on a quarterly basis by our treasurer, along with bills for cable, water, etc. We appreciate timely payment, as the Association depends on these funds for smooth operation.  For questions about bills and invoicing, please call treasurer Charley Plank.

At Island Pointe, we encourage owners to get together and have a good time — good times are what this place is all about. We host two big annual events (with other smaller events springing up from time to time):
  CLEAN-UP WEEKEND: Usually the first weekend of May (see calendar), but NEVER on Mother’s Day weekend. After a long winter, the place needs a little sprucing up. Owners show up at our clubhouse early Saturday morning, sign up for various work crews and get to it for the better part of the day. This “sweat equity” saves us a large amount of expense while working with other owners helps builds relationships.
Late in the afternoon we try and reward everyone for their labors with a delicious dinner served at the clubhouse. In the past few years, duck rides have been a part of the mix, as well. Attendance at Clean-Up Weekend isn’t exactly mandatory, but if you skip it, we do bill you for missing all the fun.
  ANNUAL MEETING: This is always Labor Day weekend. There are owner activities (of late, a golf tournament, an annual meeting (Sunday at 10 a.m.) and a pot-luck dinner. No work to do this weekend, just play!
  FOOTBALL WEEKEND: (This is technically not an IPOA event as it is sponsored by several owners. All owners and guests are invited to participate.) It is generally held the first or second weekend in October, depending on certain football schedules. This has developed into an annual event.   Typically two large screens with projectors show 2 games at once in the clubhouse.   The day starts as a morning tail gate party out side and then moves inside by the fireplace and the large screens.   There is plenty of good food and refreshments but owners are encouraged to bring their favorite “chrunchies” to share.   Dave’s famous chili has become a tradition as well.   Ear plugs are recommended.

WHAT’S YOURS, WHAT’S NOT (Multi-family unit owners learn more regarding their units)

The property at Island Pointe is divided into three distinct classifications:
  PRIVATE PROPERTY: The property inside your four walls. You are free to do anything you wish inside in terms of redecorating, etc.
  LIMITED COMMON ELEMENT: Your porch (screened or unscreened), deck and/or landing. You are responsible for its care and upkeep, but the Association has authority to make sure that this area complies with Association architectural standards in terms of appearance and construction. If you wish to make a change to the exterior of your unit, you have to fill out an architectural review form and the board will review the request. We do have standards for unit color, stain color, etc. WHEN IN DOUBT, ALWAYS ASK — either our property manager, or the board.
  COMMON ELEMENT:  Anything outside the other two areas. All grounds, trees, beaches, the pool — this is all common element. You cannot tamper with anything on Common Element without the expressed written permission of the Board.


You have the option of renting a boat slip on our dock for the season. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. For information and availability, please call Board member and dock chair Mike Williams. Click here for a form to print and mail.


The club house is available to owners. You’ve been issued a key to the clubhouse. Both owners and renters may rent the clubhouse. The clubhouse can be reserved by owners as long as it hasn’t been reserved already by another owner or by renters — to find out availability and reserve a spot, contact Lake Pointe Management. The interior of the clubhouse is a SMOKE FREE AREA.
The clubhouse includes a large common area with T.V. and stereo, two restrooms, a kitchen and a deck. Certain kitchen appliances and cookware are available, but plates, napkins, glasses and silverware are the renters responsibility to supply.


Pool hours are from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Rules for the pool for all owners, their guests and renters are posted inside the fenced pool area. Please read them and obey them, especially those concerning your children. CHILDREN UNDER AGE 10 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. Please be mindful of all members in your party and considerate of other users of the pool. The Association does not want to be responsible for accident or injury due to anyone’s negligence. The pool opens for Memorial Day weekend and closes following the Labor Day weekend.


In the case of severe weather, your clubhouse key will open the basement door to unit #36-#39, our current designated shelter.


Our property manager, Amanda McGowen, serves at the Board’s discretion based on a job description created by the Association. He is here to help maintain the Common Element areas and oversee outside contractors hired to do certain projects. He is NOT responsible for certain areas and items, including making repairs within your unit. When in doubt, ask Jim. If he can’t help you, he’s sure to know of others who can.


Approximately half the owners at Island Pointe are involved in a rental program. All owners utilize Lake Pointe Management, run by Mike and Pauline Doyle. For rental program information, please call them at 608.254.6245.


Quiet time is before 9 a.m. and after 10 p.m.  Between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m., we respectfully request that everyone keep it down — if you’re making noise, keep it under control and take it inside. Please be respectful of your neighbors and if a fellow owner comes to you with a request, please be agreeable and courteous. There is a local village curfew, so make sure your children are not running around the grounds at all hours of the night. While the Board strongly encourages owners to discuss any issue with their fellow owners first, all owners are within their rights to contact local authorities if issues aren’t settled. So please, let’s all do our best to get along.


Trailers are not allowed in either Island Pointe parking lot nor along the road leading into the property. There is a parking area across Canyon Drive for boat trailers.


Parking is allowed in both designated parking lots. Some houses are allowed to park a car along the road. Cars are never allowed to drive into the pines to units off the road, unless the board grants special permission for construction, tree-trimming, etc. There are wheelbarrows near the parking lot to help you move supplies to units off the road.


There are two sets of dumpsters, one adjacent to each parking lot. Trash is collected weekly. The recycling bins are located in the same place.


There are no pets allowed at Island Pointe, whether permanent residents or temporary guests. No exceptions.


As an owner, you’ve been issued keys for your unit, as well as one that will open both the clubhouse and the tornado shelter in building #36-#39.

Every unit key is set up so that they can all be opened by a master key. The master key cannot be copied, and only two people hold a master key: our property manager and Mike Doyle, owner of Lake Pointe Management, our rental agency. Both property manager and Lake Pointe management carry liability insurance that allows for this system.

This system is in place because the property manager might have to access a unit quickly in the event of an emergency, such as a fire. It is much quicker to utilize a single master key, rather than the system of several years ago, requiring the property manager to fish through a key ring of nearly 100 keys!

Because the property manager cannot be available or in town 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Lake Pointe management is our back-up in case of emergency. The key stays on Mike Doyle’s person at all times – no other Lake Pointe employees have access to the master. Cleaning staff access each rental unit with an individual rental key, which will only open that specific unit.

Because of the master key system, you are not allowed to change your locks independently. If you sell your unit, the Association will pay for a change of locks, to give the new owner the added security of knowing there are no duplicate keys out there. This system was put in place several years ago and it has worked well.


Due to the extremely flammable nature of Island Pointe (wood buildings and tons of pine trees) NO fireworks are allowed ANYWHERE on Island Pointe grounds AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR, whether it’s the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve (click here for more information. Also see Fire Safety.)


For much the same reasons as our fireworks rules, we only allow smoking only in certain designated areas of Island Pointe. These are the clubhouse deck area, parking lots and units that are designated smoking units. Please respect these rules and dispose of your cigarette butts in the proper way (click here for more information. See also Fire Safety.)


CHARCOAL GRILLS ARE BANNED anywhere on Island Pointe property. Gas grills are prohibited in any multi-family building of three-units-or more. Violators are subject to fines. See Fire Safety.

Winter Heat & Freeze Alarms

Heat must NEVER to be turned off in a unit. Unit temperatures must be maintained above 55 degrees. This is the owners responsibility. The freeze alarms are there to minimize damage should heating systems fail. Owners must be familiar with their responsibility. Click here to learn more.

Handicap Scooter PolicyClick here for info

* See also Article VII of the by-laws)