Area Definitions


As owners of an Island Pointe Beach Club Condominium(*) there are both opportunities for access and enjoyment as well as responsibilities associated with the property. The following are non-legal definitions of the areas and some of the responsibilities associated with the joint ownership. These issues are further defined in the Condominium Declaration documents.


The property at Island Pointe is divided into three distinct classifications:
  PRIVATE PROPERTY: The property inside your four walls. You are free to do anything you wish inside in terms of redecorating, etc.and are responsible for the maintenance, repair and replacement in this area (see also Article VI, section 1 & 3 of the by-laws).
  LIMITED COMMON ELEMENT: Your porch (screened or unscreened), deck and/or landing. You are responsible for its care and upkeep, but the Association has authority to make sure that this area complies with Association architectural standards in terms of appearance and construction. If you wish to make a change to the exterior of your unit, you have to fill out an architectural review form and the board will review the request. We do have standards for unit color, stain color, etc.WHEN IN DOUBT, ALWAYS ASK — either our property manager, or the board. See also Article VI, section 3 of the by-laws.
  COMMON ELEMENT:  Anything outside the other two areas. All grounds, trees, beaches, the pool — this is all common element. You cannot tamper with anything on Common Elementwithout the expressed written permission of the Board. See also Article VI, section 2 of the by-laws.
In a letter to owners dated 5/10/05, the Board of Directors took up the challenge of establishing exactly what is Common Element (CE) and Limited Common Element (LCE) on the Multi-Family units. Those determinations for each unit can be found in a copy of the letter.