Island Pointe Owners Association insurance is governed by the association by -laws. In 1985 Tim Tofson, Tofson Insurance, recommended an amendment to our by-laws, making the whole association responsible for a larger portion of coverage in the Master Policy.  Doing this, the association has a large pot of insurance dollars to use for each individual loss. In addition to property insurance, the association has $3 million in liability coverage. Individual owners should have Personal Property coverage. This should include coverage for any property upgrade as they may not be covered by the Master Policy. (Some owners, who units have have had additions that were not covered in the Documents, will need addional insurance to cover these addtions. See letter from Dave Sullivan for additional information.)Owners who rent should consider a separate H06 or commercial business insurance policy for loss of revenue.

Tofon Insurance can be contacted by individuals or their agents at 608-254-8303.

At the 9/3/06 Annual Owners Meeting, Tim Tofson addressed some of the insurance issues and made some copies of a document that summarized some of these points and “Condominium Insurance” from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance from the State of Wisconsin. Click here for a copy of the pass-out.