Neighborhood Watch Policy

Security- We have security guards patrolling the grounds of Island Pointe on busy days and weekends. ANY ISLAND POINTE OWNER, RENTER, OR GUEST CAN CALL 608-617-0622 IF THERE IS A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS ATTENTION.  Each call will have a fee attached on top of the normal charges, so please don’t bother them with trivial items.
Our 57-Member Neighborhood Watch Group

What can we do about various issues on the property?

  • Unauthorized use of the pool or beach by people who weren’t owners, guests or renters;
  • Use of fireworks (click for more information)
  • smoking or parking in unauthorized areas (click for more information)
  • pets on the grounds
  • loud behavior after quiet hours, etc.

The Board has discussed this at length, but recognized that short of installing a gatehouse and hiring security to patrol the grounds 24-7, there were no surefire methods that would eliminate every possible circumstance during every minute of the day or night (See Security above). But there is something that can be done, and that’s all of us working together to self-police the property. No, we’re not going to issue badges; we’re simply asking you to be aware of happenings around you, and if you see something out of place, to speak up. Specifically:

1.      Be aware of the rules and follow them, and make sure that any friends or relatives using your unit or visiting also know the rules.

2.      If you see someone unfamiliar using and/or abusing the property, you as an owner have the right to politely ask who they are and what unit they’re renting or visiting.

3.      If they aren’t renters or guests of an owner, you can ask them to stop what they’re doing and leave. Most people will in this situation. If they don’t, contact the police. While “policeman” isn’t in the property managers job description, he’s also offered to help out IF he can.

4.      If they are renters or guests of an owner, the first step would be notifying the owner (if they are guests of that owner) or Lake Pointe Management (if they are renters).

5.      If you’re uncomfortable confronting people for whatever reason, please contact whoever you feel would be most appropriate – security, police (608 254-8321-no emergency)Lake Pointe, fellow owners or property manager.

6.      If you see something that’s an immediate concern and can cause serious damage – for example, fireworks – we ask that you step up and say something without hesitation. There can be a time delay before the cavalry arrives, and in the case of potential fire or damage, it’s best to act fast.

Thanks for your help. Everyone working together and taking on a little responsibility for the property gives us a big jump on providing consistent oversight and preventing minor issues from becoming major ones.