Bylaws & Documents


The association documents are entitled Condominium Declaration, Island Pointe Beach Club Condominium. Though we believe this document to be complete and accurate version of the legally recorded association documents, we make no representation to that affect by making these documents available to the association membership in the web site. The complete document consists of 149 scanned pages and the file size is 2.4 mb and depending on download speed can take some time. Click here to view or print the document (PDF). To lessen the download time, somewhat, the document was split in 4 pieces, below: The table of contents provide links to the content pages to aid any search. The page orientation is arranged for ease of reading on-line. Printing the document may cause some of the information to be cut off. To print any of the documents, use the complete version mentioned above.

Article I. Definitions and Legal Description of Land 

Article II. Property & Units: Submission to Act

Article III. Common Elements & Limited Common Elements

Article IV. Other Property Rights & Obligations of Owners

Article V. Association Membership & Voting Rights

Article VI. Rights and Obligations of the Association

Article VII. Covenant for Assessments

Article VIII. Architectural Control

Article IX. Party Walls

Article X. Casualty Insurance for Units and Liability Insurance

Article XI. Easements, Reservations and Encroachments

Article XII. Expansion of Condominium

Article XIII. Right of First Refusal

Article XIV. General Provisions

Exhibit A. Condominium Plat


1st Amend. Definition of “unit”

2nd Amend. New Exhibit A, Future Enclosures & Use of Units

3rd Amend. New Exhibit A, Future Enclosures & Use of Units

4th Amend. Declaration & supplements modified to annex 11 units.

5h Amend. Elimination of Right of First Refusal

6th Amend. Declaration & supplements modified to annex 9 units (Total 32).

7th Amend. Definition of Unit, Future enclosures & decks and many other revisions of declarations

8th Amend. Declaration & supplements modified to annex 4 units. (Total 40)

9th Amend. Declaration & supplements modified to annex 8 units. (Total 44)

10th Amend. Declaration & supplements modified to annex 3 units. (Total 47)

11th Amend. Declaration & supplements modified to annex final 10 units (total 57).


Article 1. Name

Article II. Period of Existence

Article III. Purposes

Article IV. Powers

Article V. Members

Article V I . Registered Agent and Principal Of f i ce

Article VII. Directors

Article VIII. Officers 4

Article IX. Incorporator

Article X. Stock, Dividends, Dissolution


Article I. Definitions

Article II. Members, Meetings and Voting

Article III. Board of Directors

Article IV. Officers

Article V. Operation of the Property

Article VI. Repairs and Maintenance

Article VII. Duties and Obligations of Unit Owners

Article VIII. General

Article IX. Amendments

Article X. Powers

Article XI. Miscellaneous