Board of Directors


The structure of the Board of Directors is provided for under the Article III of the by-laws


Left to Right Higgins, Buikema, Plank, Becker, Justice
2022-2023 Island Pointe Board Members

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  Bill Becker (*2023)
Scott Higgins (*2025)
Bob Buikema (*2025)
  Charley Plank (*2024)

Bob Justice (*2024)

Amanda & Casey McGowan


Amanda & Casey McGowan

Capital Improvement Committee
Playground Committee
Boat Dock Committee

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* Board term expires in September of year indicated. The property manager is a non -voting and non-elected member of the board. Want to run for a seat on the board? Click Here
Each year, a fixed number of the five board seats are up for election. The yearly rotation is as follows: Two seats, two seats, one seat. Board members are elected at the annual meeting of the Island Pointe Owners Association (IPOA) for terms of three years but nominations may also be solicited for unexpired terms of members who resign. Any owner wishing to place their names on the ballot are urged to contact the President or Secretary or fill out a form. (click here). (See Article IV of the by-laws for duties of officers).
Want to be a Board Member? Sure you do!The more people get involved in the Association, the stronger an Association we are. In that spirit, the Island Point Board of Directors would like to invite you – that’s right, you there, at the kitchen table – to run for a seat on our five-member Board. Oh sure, you’ll have to knock off one or two of us to get the seat, but we won’t mind in the least, promise. After all, how could we not want to share all this fun? And on a serious note, you’ll have a chance to make a meaningful, positive difference for Island Pointe. Just tell any Board member or Treasurer Dave you want to run, and we’ll get you on the ballot. Remember, it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.
If the board is not for you, consider joining one of the committees. Click here.