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March 2007
Greetings to our fellow Island Pointe owners! We hope this newsletter finds you happy, healthy and fully shoveled out after the recent snowstorms. Jim Kearns reports that the Dells received an additional 20″ over the weekend of February 24th but he’s confident that the property is still there somewhere, as the spring thaw should be able to confirm.

Now, while it’s standard operating procedure to ask Jim to clear a path to your door 24 hours ahead of time, given the huge mounds of heavy wet snow that’s accumulated in places, we’d ask that you try and give him a bit more notice — say, 48 hours in advance if that’s possible. Thanks. (click photos (or here) for a winter slide show) 

Guess we don’t have to worry
about filling the pool this year.

Your intrepid author admits it’s been a while since the last Island Points, which can happen when personal and professional concerns impact our all-volunteer editorial staff. But there is news, and our top story has to do with the timeliness of its delivery to all of us. Read on for the details.

You read that right — as of this writing, Island Pointe has its own website. This is thanks to long-time owner Tom Finley, who approached the board at the last annual meeting with the idea that an association like ours both deserved and needed a handy reference for timely news and information relevant to our ownership at Island Pointe. The Board embraced the idea (and would’ve embraced Tom as well, but he told us Doll has exclusive rights for that). The site is nearing completion, and when finished will be a repository for information like board meeting minutes and Association documents, as well as a source for current property-related news. (Considering how fast news can get posted on the site, compared to the slow pace of a printed Island Points, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of visiting the site for the most up-to-date news.) It’s an interactive site — for example, you can currently sign up online for a Clean-Up Weekend work team of your choice. This site will be a tremendous resource for all of us — growing and evolving as our Association grows and evolves — and here’s the kicker: Tom volunteered all of his time and tabor to undertake and complete this huge project. This is literally thousands of dollars in work that he donated for the good of our Association. We can’t thank Tom enough, but we hope you’ll extend a good word or three when you see him this spring. Stay tuned for developments.

Clean-Up Weekend is set!

Clean-Up 2007 is slated for the first weekend in May – Saturday, May 5th and Sunday May 6tn It’s a great chance to get reacquainted with your friends and neighbors and do some helpful sprucing up around the property. Mark your calendars, and watch for more details. In fact, is a good place to start.

An edict from the Lake Delton Fire Marshall.

As you know, last summer there was a terrible fire at Lighthouse Cove, across the lake. It started with a propane grill – and as the fire raged, exploding propane tanks on other grills contributed to the blaze. In no time, an entire multi-family building was reduced to ashes.

This January, the fire marshall visited Island Pointe and informed the Board that gas grills are prohibited in any multi-family building of three-units-or rrnore. The Board voiced their concerns, but we were informed this is non-negotiable. Electric grills are allowed. While gas grills weren’t banned from single family units or two-unit multi-family buildings, if you’re buying a new grill, you may want to go electric, since this edict may eventually spread. Look for a letter about this from Board president Mike Williams. Please note: This is not an Association mandate – the Board won’t be enforcing or policing this. However, the Lake Delton firemarshall intends to – and each time an owner is caught, he will issue fines of up to $200 for each offense. In the interest of your wallet’s well-being, we would recommend taking this seriously. We have until May 31, 2007 to comply. Watch for that letter (Click here for letter).

Announcing organized owner events for Summer 07.

One of the factors that make Island Pointe such a unique situation is the fun and friendship that so many owners here share together. So what could be better than an excuse to party more often? With this in mind, our events committee has launched the idea of “dedicated owner weekends” for summer, earmarking dates and events well in advance (so rental owners can have a chance to block out the dates and participate). Check out this summer’s line-up:

June 23rd      –     Chula Vista Fab 50’s dinner and show

July 21st       –      Rick Wilcox Magic Show

Watch for more information and a sign-up form, coming soon to a mailbox near you.

Get your butt – cans out there!

In an attempt to discourage cigarette butts from appearing all over the common areas of Island Pointe this summer, the Board purchased several butt cans which will be filled with sand and placed strategically around public areas. IF you are a rental owner and IF you allow smoking in your unit, we’d recommend that you purchase one to keep on the deck of your unit. They are very inexpensive and you can find them at any hardware outlet or Home Depot.


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