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Clean Up Weekend – Team Sign-Up

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     Meet at the clubhouse and be ready to work at 8:30. Breakfast and coffee will be served at 8:00.  Jill and Warren Ludvigsen and Jill’s team will again have a great breakfast for all workers!  Old clothes, gloves, and a good attitude are all you need!  In appreciation of everyone’s help the Homeowners Association is hosting a supper thanks to Linda and Noel Luciano, with drinks after 5 PM.  Join your neighbors for conversation and relaxed social time at the clubhouse.

If you can’t attend, you will be billed the $150 per unit, as usual, on the July Billing.


Tree Planting Team: “Young and Hardworking People”  Max of 8 People.

Beaches & Shoreline Team Duties:– Using rakes, clean the sand of trash and foreign objects and dress and level the sand. Additional sand may also be available for blending and leveling. The nearby water areas are to be cleaned. Rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows will be available. Max of 8 People.

Club House Team Duties:– Clean the appliances, utensils, counters and floors of the kitchen. Clean the bathrooms fixtures, mirrors and floors. Clean the windows, screens, fireplace and floor. Max of 8 People.

Clubhouse Deck Team Duties:– Clean the deck and Furniture. Cleaning materials, brooms, Pressure Sprayer, and sweeper available also . Max of 4 People.

Painting Team Duties:– Clean and paint the white posts and curbs outlining the beach areas and the play area as well as the play castle. Paint, brushes and supplies will be available. Wear your paint duds! Max of 6 People.

Flowers Team Duties:– A number of planting crocks are place around the pool and club house. The soil needs rejuvenated and planted annually. Flowers are also planted near the Island Pointe sign and other areas. Soil and plants are provided. Max of 8 People.

Jack of All Team:– Need versatile people for various duties:  Max of 8 People.

Parking Lots and Dumpster Areas Team Duties:– Clean the parking lots (all 3) and the 2 dumpster areas of pine needles, leaves, stones and trash. Bag materials for pick-up. Gasoline driven blower, power washers, brooms and shovels will be available. Max of 4 People.

Pool Work Team Duties:– Move pool furniture from the storage area under unit 36 to the pool area and thoroughly clean it. Buckets, cleaning supplies and rags will be available. Max of 8 People.

Supper Clean Up:– We Really need help after the dinner for clean up.
Many Hands Make Light Work!!!

If you have more that 4 people to sign-up – Just fill out and submit another form.



If you have more that 4 people to sign-up – Just fill out and submit another form.