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Clean Up Weekend – Team Sign-Up

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     Meet at the clubhouse and be ready to work at 8:30. Breakfast and coffee will be served at 8:00.  Jill and Warren Ludvigsen and Jill’s team will again have a great breakfast for all workers!  Old clothes, gloves, and a good attitude are all you need!  In appreciation of everyone’s help the Homeowners Association is hosting a supper thanks to Steve and Melina Wojnicki, with drinks at 5 PM and dinner at 6:00 PM.  Join your neighbors for conversation and relaxed social time at the clubhouse.

If you can’t attend, you will be billed the $150 per unit, as usual, on the July Billing.


Branch Chipping Team: Max of 4 Young and Hardworking People.
2 Teams of 2 will work a two hour shift each. 8:30-10:30 and 10:30-12:30.

Painting Team: – Max of 6 Artistic People.

Flowers and Beds Team: –  Max of 8 Landscaping People.

Beach and Shoreline Team: – Max of 8 Sandy People.

Clubhouse Team: – Max of 8 Cleaning People.

Clubhouse Deck and Beach Furniture Team: – Max of 4 Pressure Sprayer People.

Parking and Dumpsters Team: – Max of 4 Trashy People.

Pool and Furniture Cleaning Team: – Max of 12 Swimming People.

Jack of All Team: – Max of 8 Versatile People.

Supper Clean-Up Team: – Many Hands Make Light Work!

Branch Clean Up Team: –  2 People getting the branches left from general cleanup.

If you have more than 4 people to sign-up – Fill out and submit another form.